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Better Acess Medical is a well-established, urban fringe, bulk billing, AGPAL accredited General Practice, with experienced Medical Practitioners and a supportive and friendly team of wrap-around holistic supports. Learn more about working with us, view our current GP vacancies and apply online. Learn more

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Volunteering and Student Placements

Creative Volunteer Role: QuIHN is looking for a creative volunteer to support the development of our resources. You will work closely with Service and Program Managers to create art that supports the key messages of educational materials. More…

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Why Work With Us?

Life As A Harm Reduction Worker

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Want To Improve Lives?

Why work with us?

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Improve lives. Make a real difference through equity and choice.

We’re not here to “fix” people. We’re here to walk with people and honour their choices.

Regardless of your role, your efforts really count.

Our work isn’t easy. We exist to help people, whoever and however they are. We do it with true grit, a full heart and an open mind.

You might be on the front line, applying your knowledge, experience, skills and harm reduction strategies to support people who use drugs and alcohol. Or perhaps you’re behind the scenes making QuIHN work. Either way, your passion and commitment will leave a lasting impact.

So, if you’re an advocate of human rights and social justice, if you strongly believe every person deserves access to good healthcare and support, that’s free of barriers …

And if you’re willing to push boundaries and meet challenges head on …

Then walk with us.

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Embrace the unpredictable. Own every moment … grow every day.

If you believe in meeting people where they are, not where others expect them to be … then QuIHN could be your place and your people.

But, if you like order, regimented processes and knowing exactly what’s going to happen next … then maybe we’re not for you.

No two days are the same at QuIHN. And you know what? Our people thrive on it.

Our team say, the variety and unpredictability enable us to create and innovate – as we own the moment and rise to every challenge that comes our way.

And as you embrace the unexpected, you’ll have the space to achieve, build resilience and go again. You’ll love learning from clients and their experiences, challenging the status quo and doing things differently.

With formal and informal opportunities to upskill and develop professionally and personally, you’ll learn and grow every day.

The community we work with matters, so, bring your personality and drive to help QuIHN make a difference.

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Belong! Find a diverse and respectful place.

We’re told we’re a bit different at QuIHN.
Professional – with personality.
Fiercely authentic – with unique stories and backgrounds.

So, what unites us? Well, we’re all genuine, passionate and inclusive to our core. And we’re comfortably imperfect. Some of us have lived experience with drugs and alcohol or have journeyed with someone who has. Some of us have not.

Some of us have letters after our name, and some of us do not. At QuIHN, every person is multifaceted and unique.

We are bound by purpose, shared values, and the provision of quality support.

The paths you’ve taken … the ups and downs … your unique experiences … They make you who you are, and they make QuIHN stronger.

So, wherever you’re at, we’ll meet you there, free of judgement. Just bring your integrity, professionalism, and passion. You’ll find a diverse and respectful place here.

Our Values

QuIHN is committed to providing a professional, quality, inclusive and non-judgmental service built on honesty, integrity and transparency and underpinned by a social justice framework that respects diversity and difference.

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Guided by QuIHN Company Values, we are building an inclusive culture that prevents discrimination and embraces employees from any background and experience, who are diverse in cultures, languages, capacities, sexual orientations, gender identities and/or expressions. We strive to create a workplace, that respects the community of people who use substances, where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

QuIHN values

What Our People Think About QuIHN

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Employees’ believe the organisation’s work positively impacts people’s lives.

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Employees feel their personal welfare is important to colleagues.

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Of employees are satisfied with the organisation overall.

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