Support Groups (Therapeutic Group Programs)

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QuIHN offers a range of therapeutic and psychosocial group programs for people whose lives are affected by substance use and any related mental health and/or parenting and family issues that may be present.

Our group programs complement the individual counselling we provide and are influenced by the same client centred approach.

QuIHN is a SPER Hardship partner. Talk to our staff about how you can pay off your SPER debt by attending our groups.

MudMaps Group

Our Mudmaps group session welcome anyone who is making or thinking about making changes to their substance use (opioid, amphetamines, cannabis). We welcome anyone who is using substance and has mental health concerns (dual diagnosis). Topics for Mudmaps sessions are decided by the group participants, with guidance from facilitator.

Where: 1 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, Brisbane
When: Every Monday 10:30am – 12:30pm

Where: Unit 6&7, 200 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba
When: Every Tuesday 10am-12pm

Gold Coast
Where: Unit 12, 89-99 West Burleigh Rd, Burleigh Heads
When: Every Friday 10:30am-12:30pm

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The Mental Health and Illicit Substances Education (MAISE) group is a support, skill building and education program for anyone experiencing the negative effects of drug use and mental health problems (dual diagnosis). MAISE is designed to support on-going case management or counselling.

You will be assess by a case manager, support worker or counsellor before attending.

When: Proposed start date 17th July 2024, group runs for 8 weeks
Where: 1 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, Brisbane

Sunshine Coast
When: Group runs for 8 weeks, TBA
Where: Nambour

Gold Coast
When: 16th July 2024, group runs for 8 weeks
Where: Southport community Centre

When: TBA
Where: TBA

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Treehouse Parenting Group

The Treehouse Parenting Group Program provides a safe and supportive space for parents who are using substances and may have mental health concerns. Treehouse Parenting Group Program supports parents by enhancing positive parenting skills, addressing parental concerns and/or child protection concerns, offering education on the effects of mental health concerns and substance use on positive parenting.

When: Starting October 4th, running for 10 weeks, 9.30am – 1.30pm.
Where: 1 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills

Gold Coast
When: Starting 16th April 2024, running for 10 weeks, 10am – 2pm
Where: 6 Lawson Street, Southport

When: TBA
Where: Unit 6-7, 200 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba

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Mindfulness Group

Learn to manage feelings and thoughts with the lifelong skill of everyday mindfulness. This is an open group everyone is welcome.

When: Every Friday from 10.30am – 11.15am

Where: 1 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, Brisbane

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Nuts & Bolts

Nuts & Bolts is a relapse prevention and harm reduction group that everyone is welcome to.


Gold Coast
When: Every Thursday 10.00am – 11.00am
Where: Southport Community Centre


When: Every Thursday 10.30am – 11.30am
Where:1 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, Brisbane

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Wiser Minds

Wiser Minds is a skill-building group for emotional regulation and distress tolerance that everyone is welcome to.

When: Every Tuesday 10.30am – 11.30am
Where: 1 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, Brisbane

When: From July 6, every Thursday 11.30am – 12.30pm (Closed Group, Wait List)
Where: Unit 6-7, 200 Old Cleveland Road,
Capalaba, Brisbane


For more information about our groups or to sign up, contact us.

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