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How do I submit to Tracks?

To make a contribution to Tracks fill out the form at the bottom of this page or contact QuIHN directly via phone, email or via your QuIHN worker.

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Who can contribute?

QuIHN welcomes contributions which reflect the opinions and issues of those who have used, or are currently using illicit drugs.

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What types of contributions do we look for?

We look for all sorts of submissions, you certainly don’t need to be Picasso or Shakespeare to be published here.

As a general guide, we look for art including drawings, doodles & digital art / graphic design, photography, poems, personal stories, short stories, personal experiences, reviews, local news, yarns & gripes.

If you’d like to submit something that isn’t included in this list – go for it.

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We pay $30 for every piece published in Tracks and $100 if your work is used on the cover.

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How would you prefer to receive your payment voucher?
If your work is published in Tracks Magazine you will receive payment via an e-voucher sent to your email or via text message.
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Max. file size: 20 MB.