Outreach Program

A image of our Outreach Bus. Both doors are open and a nurse is standing inside.

Our Outreach services provide case management, counselling, health services and more to vulnerable populations, including those affected by alcohol and/or substance use concerns.

Services may vary across regions but can include:


  • Brief interventions involving education in treatment services, screens for eligibility, and relevant support for those who are ineligible or choose not to formally engage with a service.
  • Individual support, assessment, and interventions addressing health and welfare needs.
  • Health services including immunisations & vaccinations.
  • Engagement in our mental health and substance use group program.


Outreach operates across Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Redlands, Sunshine Coast and Townsville.

Contact Us

Our outreach locations and services often change depending on need, for more information about upcoming locations get in touch.