QuIHN's Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reflect RAP

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan provides an opportunity for our organisation to reaffirm our shared commitment to reconciliation and ‘getting it right’ through practical but respectful steps and activities consistent with each stage of our reconciliation journey.

Person holding RAP hardcopy

Ngurr (Side by Side) by Wayne Martin

The big blue circle in the centre represents the QuIHN base/home. The ‘U’ shape symbols represent all the workers and their skills/knowledge that make up the QuIHN workforce. The white circles represent the different communities that QuIHN has worked with and made connections with and continues to do so. More …

Artwork created for QuIHN RAP

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan spans from August 2022 – July 2023

The Reflect RAP is led by the RAP Working Group with support from all QuIHN staff.