Our Reconciliation Action Plan

We hope to launch our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan soon.

Cover Artwork Explanation

Ngurr (Side by Side)

The big blue circle in the centre represents the QuIHN base/home. The ‘U’ shape symbols represent all the workers and their skills/knowledge that make up the QuIHN workforce.

The white circles represent the different communities that QuIHN has worked with and made connections with and continues to do so.

The blue line that leads out from the centre through the white circles with the blue and white ‘U’ shape symbols represents the pathway that QuIHN takes to help their clients in the way of health and wellbeing, family, drug use and recovery, counselling, building relationship skills, and communication.

The circles on the edges of the painting represent the families of the clients and their communities, it shows the strength and resilience of the people involved to help clients to achieve good health and improve social and emotional wellbeing.

The emu footprints represent our ancestors traveling with us, helping us, and guiding us in the right direction in all areas of our life.

This painting is about everyone coming together side by side working together for a healthy positive future.

Artist, Wayne Martin
Nurambang Cultural Education and Aboriginal Art

Wayne Martin is a proud Wiradjuri/Mardigan/Kooma man. Wayne’s family originates from Cunnamulla in South West Queensland on Kunja country. His mother’s country is Mardigan country, in Quilpie. He also has family connections in Lightning Ridge on Yuwaalaraay Country, his grandmother’s country is along the Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Rivers on Wiradjuri country. Wayne’s family moved around a lot through Queensland and New South Wales when he was growing up. He has done a lot of travel throughout his life. As a teenager, Wayne’s uncle, also named Wayne, started teaching him about Aboriginal Culture and Lore. Along his cultural journey, he met a lot of strong cultural men which is what inspired his art, showcases dreaming stories and connections to Mother Earth. Wayne loves to share his culture with everyone, and painting has allowed him to do that. He wants to be able to give people a piece of his journey, his cultural knowledge, and experiences.

Find more at: www.ngurambangaboriginalart.com