MAISE Group - Capalaba

The MAISE Program is a psychosocial education program for people

experiencing substance use and mental health problems.

It provides information, skill building and support regarding substance use and

mental health issues including understanding of interaction between

Mental health problems and Substance Use; Relapse Prevention; Problem Solving ;

Mindfulness; Assertive Communication; and Self Care.

Topics included in the MAISE program:

·         What is Dual Diagnosis?

·         Motivating Change to Substance Use and Mental Health Related Behaviours.

·         Overcoming Obstacles to Change.

·         Developing Mindfulness and Awareness skills.

·         Identifying and managing Triggers and Cravings.

·         Problem Solving.

·         Developing Support Networks.

·         Living a life true to your values

·         Personal Strengths

·         Communication and Assertiveness skills

·         Healthy Boundaries

·         Stress Management

·         Self Soothing and Self Care

·         Mental Health And Illicit Substance Education



QuIHN Capalaba

Unit 5, 29 Mount Cotton Road, Capalaba 4157