Mental Health and Substance Use

Needle & Syringe Program

At QuIHN we address both substance use and mental health issues together, from a harm reduction framework. 

For some people self-medicating with substances can help alleviate stress and soothe mental health symptoms including anxiety and depression. However, sustained management of mental health through self-medication can have negative and long term impacts. 

When seeking support in regard to substance use or mental health, it can be hard to see where one ends and another begins. 

At QuIHN our treatment and support services are tailored to suit your needs and can range from drug use and mental health concerns, to motivational support to reduce, quit or manage substance use.

Our services provide support and skill building for anyone experiencing drug use and mental health issues. QuIHN can help you understand triggers and cravings, how to prevent & manage lapse and relapse, self soothing techniques and more.