Living with drugs

The Stages of Change

The Stages of Change Model (also called the trans-theoretical model) is one way we look at behaviour change at QuIHN.

Helping A Friend Or Family Member With Substance Use

Understanding and supporting someone experiencing issues with alcohol or other drugs can be difficult and overwhelming. It is normal to feel angry, upset, scared or helpless.

Caring For Your Family

Strategies to keep people safe and well until they are ready to change.

Removing Stigma

Stigma is a perceived negative attribute that causes someone to think less of a person. Stigma can have negative outcomes for individuals and groups and can often lead to poorer health outcomes overall.

Safer Injecting

If you are injecting drugs, there are steps you can take to reduce the risks of overdose, vein damage and infection.


If you or someone you love is using drugs, recognising the signs and symptoms of overdose & how to respond can be life-saving.

Mental Health

At QuIHN we address both substance use and mental health issues together, from a harm reduction framework.

TRACKS Magazine

The TRACKS Magazine is a publication for those who use, or have used illicit drugs.