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How To Support A Loved One Who Is Using Drugs

Tips from people who use drugs

  • Empower yourself and your loved one by saying “no” with love and setting boundaries for self-care.
  • Guilt or shame is never the answer. You can’t guilt or shame someone into stopping.
    Avoid getting caught in the drama triangle and focus on feeling and connecting with your loved one.
  • Avoid making important decisions when tired or frustrated. Sleep on decisions and pick your battles.
  • You are not alone. Reach out to other families, join support groups, seek counselling, and educate yourself.
  • Remember that substance use is a health issue, not a legal one.
    Support, don’t punish your loved one in their journey. The opposite of addiction is connection.
  • Listen to your loved one with unconditional love and support.
    Trust is key. Don’t go behind your loved one’s back and let go of your expectations for their journey.
  • Be prepared for an overdose by knowing the signs, symptoms, and how to respond with naloxone.
  • Supporting your loved one is not enabling. It keeps them connected, healthy, and stable.
  • Stay informed by asking curious questions and learning about substance use and harm reduction.

For more information and support contact: Family Drug Support 1300 368 186 Visit QuIVAA at