Feedback & Complaints


QuIHN is committed to facilitating clients and stakeholders rights to make a complaint about QuIHN. QuIHN are committed to ensuring that complaints are fairly assessed and promptly responded to.

Dealing well with complaints and appeals helps QuIHN maintain and improve service quality and ensure clients and other stakeholders have their issues resolved. Complaints and appeals processes give stakeholders a way of expressing any dissatisfaction with services and of having their concern dealt with quickly and effectively. It also provides QuIHN with the opportunity to:

  • have insight into the experience of clients and stakeholders;
  • improve service delivery;
  • identify opportunities to improve systems;
  • identify opportunities for professional development for our staff; and
  • reinforce the commitment to a service-focused culture.

All clients, external agencies and other stakeholders have a right to register a complaint regarding the service they receive from QuIHN programs and/or staff. 

For complete information about QuIHN’s complaint process please download a copy of the QuIHN Complaints Policy.

For more information about how to make a complaint please download a copy of the How to Make a Complaint Factsheet.

For more information about what you level of services should expect to receive from QuIHN, your rights and responsibilities when accessing QuIHN services please download a copy of the Rights and Responsibilities – Yours and Ours.

You may also be interested in your privacy and confidentiality when accessing QuIHN services or may have a complaint about privacy and confidentiality. For more information about your privacy and confidentiality when accessing QuIHN services please visit the section of this website on Privacy.


Fill out this form to provide feedback, you can submit anonymously.