Client Services Charter


As a client of QuIHN you have the responsibility to:

  • ensure the service remains a safe & healthy environment
  • know that violent, threatening or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated and restrain from behaviour that would result in staff being unsafe sexually, physically or emotionally
  • treat other clients & staff members in a respectful & non-abusive manner
  • keep appointments punctually & regularly, or call in advance (if possible) or as soon as possible to cancel or change an appointment
  • respect the rights of other clients & staff members to privacy & confidentiality gather information in order to understand all options & possible outcomes of the advice, counselling or treatment offered by QuIHN, allowing for personal choice & decision-making


To assist us to assist you, we ask that you:

  • treat staff with courtesy & respect at all times
  • provide us with all necessary information in order to provide individuals with the best level of care & support
  • provide details of changes in personal circumstances if relevant as soon as the changes occur tell us of any special requirements
  • not offer us gifts, money or other favours
  • refrain from behaviours that may damage QuIHN’s reputation such as loitering, dealing, or using drugs in or around QuIHN


As a client you have the right to:

  • a quality service, delivered in a courteous, non-discriminatory, respectful & timely manner
  • be served by staff who are currently & suitably qualified & trained
  • decline services from a student or volunteer, or refuse to participate in any research or experimental project
  • accept or reject advice, counselling or treatment, and/or withdraw consent & refuse further services at any time
  • request transfer to another staff member if one is available
  • privacy and confidentiality in line with QuIHN’s privacy policy
  • access your personal records in accordance with the law & QuIHN’s policies
  • make informed choices about the support available & be involved in decision-making relating to your support and health
  • be informed about the support strategies put in place
  • make informed choices about the people offering support
  • feel safe from sexual, physical & emotional abuse
  • be informed about the Client Complaints Policy and Procedure
  • give informed consent for QuIHN to discuss personal information with another organisation or person
  • appropriate referrals where necessary
  • involve a support person of your choice at any time
  • make complaints and expect complaints to be dealt with promptly & fairly


Where required we will answer telephone calls to a Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) operator within a timely manner whereby a telephone interpreter in a major community language will be provided.

We will acknowledge freedom of information requests within 14 calendar days from date of receipt and provide a decision within 30 calendar days from date of receipt.

Download a colour copy of the Client Service Charter.