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What is CheQpoint?

CheQpoint is a new fixed site Drug Checking service that has been funded by Queensland Health. The CheQpoint Drug Checking Service is operated by QuIHN, QuIVAA and The Loop Australia. Drug checking is a harm reduction service (also known as pill testing) that can be accessed by anyone using substances. The drug checking service is a voluntary, free, and confidential harm reduction service that engages people intending to use substances in a brief health intervention combined with the results of chemical analysis of the substances intended for use. People will provide substances to the service, which are later destroyed, for laboratory analysis by chemists. Test results are provided back to the service user through a consultation with a health professional, which includes a discussion about the risks of drug use. Test results will also be used to develop community alerts for when particularly dangerous substances are identified.

Why we are doing this

Drug-checking services operate in more than 20 countries around the world including New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and more. Evaluations of drug-checking services have found they produce positive changes in patron behaviour, including increased use of risk-reduction strategies. This initiative aims to have honest conversations with people who use drugs about ways to stay safer. Drug checking provides a vital opportunity for people to access accurate, relevant information to make more informed decisions about drugs.



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QuIHN Brisbane
Address: 1 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, QLD, 4006
Phone: (07) 3620 8111
Drug Checking Service Opening Hours (April 2024 – April 2025):
FRIDAYS ONLY 12:30pm – 6:00pm
Getting there: Limited onsite parking & public transport options available


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can take a small sample of your substance to our fixed site in Brisbane or music festivals with an onsite drug checking service. The sample is photographed and cataloged, before undergoing chemical analysis. Samples handed in do not get returned. After around 15 minutes, a health professional or harm reduction worker will give you the results of the chemical analysis in a harm reduction consultation. In the consultation you’ll discuss the substance and strategies to reduce risks. Results that require off-site testing may take longer and this will be discussed with you.

You will be asked some basic de-identified demographic information, followed by questions regarding your drug use history, health and circumstances around taking that specific substance just for clarity. We ask this information to make sure you get the most relevant and useful harm reduction recommendations specific to you.

We only a small amount of the substance to take a sample for analysis needs to be given for the sample. We recommend only bringing this amount into the service.

The amount of the substance we need to test is shown on the right hand side of this picture. The $2 coin and point (0.1 gram/ 10mg) on the left hand side are for size reference.

You will be greeted by a peer worker who will take you to the waiting area. When it is your turn the peer worker will come and take you to the testing area.

Any samples in the forms of powder, crystals, rocks, crushed pills, small pieces of blotter, or a small amount of liquid.

We can not accept:

  • Plant and fungi materials (eg. cannabis or mushrooms)
  • Drug equipment after its been used (a used cooker or filter, or leftover liquid from a syringe).
  • Confectionery (e.g. gummies, cookies).

We prefer the person to do this, but under instruction from a Loop chemist (e.g. showing the client how to get a good representative sample of their powder).

YES, we welcome you to bring friends or family when you visit us. However, the number of people that will be allowed into the testing room may vary.

Initially we may need to limit the numbers of multiple samples in one visit to 3 but this may change based on demand and as we better develop our efficiency over the time of operating.

If your substance needs to be sent away for off-site testing with different technology, we will discuss how we provide your results with you.

It is important to be able to give informed consent to have your substances checked, so it is best to not be intoxicated when attending the service for drug checking.

In Partnership With

QuIHN Ltd is an independent not-for-profit providing a range of specialist social and medical services relating to alcohol, other drug use and mental health. We provides programs across a continuum of care comprising of harm reduction programs, therapeutic programs and primary medical care. We envision a world where all people who use substances are able to reach their full potential and the health and wellbeing outcomes of our communities is maximised.

QuIVAA’s mission is to advocate, educate and raise awareness about the issues facing people who use drugs to enable them to live a healthy life, free from stigma and discrimination. We also aim to develop, support and promote policies, training, and programs that support and advocate for equal health and human rights for people who use drugs in Queensland.

The Loop is an Australian not-for-profit organisation set up in 2018 to develop the sustainable provision of drug checking services in Australia. We believe that drug checking services should be freely accessible to people who may use drugs. Together, these interrelated strategies help us reduce drug related harms, enhance engagement with people who may use drugs and collect information about which substances are in circulation.