About QuIHN

Queensland Injectors Health Network


QuIHN is a statewide, not for profit, and non-government health service which provides a variety of health services to illicit drug users throughout Queensland.

QuIHN, through its members, board of management, staff and volunteers promote the health and well-being of people who currently use illicit drugs, those who have used illicit drugs in the past, and members of the community touched or affected by illicit drug use.

QuIHN provides medical services, needle syringe programs, counselling, support services, distribution of information, education and training, workforce development initiatives, life skills programs and services that relate to illicit drug use, blood borne viruses, sexual health and other psychological and physical health issues.

In particular, QuIHN provides the following types of primary care and population health programs:

  • Access to medical practitioners 
  • Harm reduction services (needle and syringe programs)
  • Workforce development and training for external health professionals and human service workers
  • Education and information provision to clients and community groups
  • Brief interventions, health promotion interventions and information and referrals. 
  • Outreach and community partnership collaboration initiatives
  • Social support programs and non-clinical counselling
  • Clinical counselling, dual diagnosis counselling and relapse prevention programs
  • Programs targeting parents and families experiencing issues associated with substance use and/or mental health.

QuIHN receives government funding from the following sources:

Queensland Government, Queensland Health, Communicable Diseases Branch for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and Sexually Transmitted Infections among injecting drug users and those at risk of injecting drug use
Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing for the provision of the InHouse, LightHouse, Positive Changes and Cairns Counselling Programs through the National Illicit Drugs Strategy
Australian Government, Department of Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) for its Parent, Children and Families (PCF) Support Program based in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.